Green Living. It’s an increasingly important aspect in today’s world. We make every attempt to abide by a code of sustainability in our designs, our work practices, and our philosophy. Some examples of these principles include:

  • Recycled or reused demolition materials to minimize impacts on landfills
  • Use of composts and organics for soil preparation and planting
  • Use of herbicidal soaps and least toxic alternatives (only as required)
  • Feature habitat plantings, natives, and drought tolerant species
  • Emphasize drip system and high efficiency irrigation systems
  • Soy based concrete stains
  • Install “Rain Gardens” on downspouts and parking (paved) areas to help manage storm water.
  • Design living walls (fences), green roofs, and edible landscapes
  • Use highest efficiency pumps and LED or low voltage lighting
  • Emphasize salvage materials or materials with long lifespans and recycled content
  • Design of habitat gardens, treehouses, and other fun stuff to enhance the family’s experience of nature and wildlife in their own back yard!